Thursday, August 25, 2005

from the Speculative Fiction Writers Group on Yahoo

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  Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 07:36:12 -0700 (PDT)
  From: James Gurley
Subject: Re: Markets

Suzan, or whoever wants this,

Here is a partial list. I'll send more later. Be sure to address to proper editor and follow
submission guidelines explicitly. Proper editor is usually found in 'about us' section. It makes a difference if you're more personal in your submission.

Alien Skin ----------
Another Realm --
Apex Digest -----
Ascent Aspirations --
Bewildering Stories --
Blood Moon ------------- (Adult market)
Blood Cookies ---------
Cthulhu Sex Magazine --
Chaos Theory ------------
Chiaroscuro --------------
Deathlings ----------------
Dark Animus -------------
Dark Discovery ----------
Decompositions --------- http://
Dream Virus -------------
Far Sector -----------------
Fantasy and science Fiction --
From the Asylum ------------- www.fromethe
Forever Underground -------
Futurismic --------------------
Three Lobed Burning Eye ..
Lost in the Dark ------
NFG -----------------------
Night Terrors------------
Night to dawn ---------
Sam's Dot Publishing -- (six or seven magazines)
Nocturnal Ooze ------------
Glimmer Train Press ------
Lenox Avenue ------------
Ideomancer ---------------
Infinity PLus ----------------
Lullaby hearse -----------
Quietus Mag. -------------
Insideous reflections --------

Also,  Ralan, Spicy green Iguana, and Specficworld are good sources for updated markets.

I'm a member of the Horror Writers Asscoiation. For $65.00 year, you get a lot of info, market information, mentoring, etc. It's worth every penny.

Hope this helps.



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