Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bemusements and Amusements

Potter Puppet Pals Professor Snape singing about Potions. Very cute.
Another one from the PPP camp -- Professor Snape's rendition of I'm Too Sexy, the condensed version.
Emmy's Christmas Gift by Neil Cicierega for his sister Emmy.

Clean Your Screen for Free Now!.
Poke the Penguin.

Star Wars: Father-Son No-Fest
Skywalker Coaster
Jedi Gangsta Rap Flash.

Recommended by Cheryl: Llama Song

HomeStarRunner.COM -- Foamy the Squirrel and his lattĂȘ.
ScarySquirrelWorld -- Foamy the Squirrel Archive.

Bigger Than Cheeses

TmsT Zero Wing Parodies Emporium.


Magical Trevor
Webtoons, including Hyperboy.

Merry Christmas

BaconBaconBacon (short)
Badger Football

New Lord of the Rings Trailer
Zombie BadgerBadgerBadger

Chocolate Niblet Beans"
Evil Trail Mix

Badger (Banana) Phone
The Duel

Tim burton's Corpse Bride. This is essentially a commercial for Blade Trinity. For, parody site. Sells chocolates. ;-) A werewolf discussion board.

Sh*t versus Shinola: The Definitive Battle!

Transformers: Beast Wars Dark Glass.

The Fortune Teller (Humour).

Avatar: The Last Airbender fan site.

*** Twas the Month After Christmas ~ROTFLMAO!

~#~ Ring II Theatrical Trailer.


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