Thursday, May 26, 2005

Medieval Nuts & Bolts

Toiletries Through The Ages.

Training and Tactics in the early Middle Ages.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Background to the Swedish volunteer and reserve officers system By Maj (res) Sven Hugosson. Research/overview from early Middle Ages to today.

Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu

Miyamoto Musashi

How to hold/swing a sword.

Information for Trainers -more swordsmanship stuff.

Iaido (Japanese sword)

The Way of the Warrior
by Lord Sylvanus Perrin
M.K.A. Brian J. Pfeifer

Perrin's Two Bits: How to Hold a Sword

Trebuchet: successor to the Catapult.

Physics of the Trebuchet. © Filip Radlinski 1996, 1997 "Please acknowledge my work. Look! There is nothing except trebuchet stuff on all my trebuchet pages!"

The Trebuchet at NF/ Observatory.

Trebuchet Google Search

Firemaking with Flint & Steel

Loading and firing Matchlocks By Colin Armstrong Maître des cannons

Le Pietre del Fuoco (Flintstones - Stones of Fire). Veronese Flintstones and the Flints of Europe (includes Origin of the Flint).

Worship of the Generative Powers: Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Magickal Flint Arrowheads.

Angel Fire Living History Days Labor Day weekend.

Industry of the Middle Ages.

Twelve years of experience in experimental archaeology, the 10th International Conference on Experimental Archaeology D. Olthof

Fire-Festivals of Europe. Section 8. The Need-fire.

EXARC European Exchange of Archaeological Research and Communication calendar - with links.

Medieval Firestarting techniques. Stefan's Florilegium (firestarting-msg).

Hilltop RV Superstore. Medieval Replicas.

All Empires History Forums.

Really, really refined search

Psychic Research Google Search with duly refined parameters.


Medieval Razors search

Daily Life: Tales of the Middle Ages.

Medieval-Life.Net: Doctors

S.C.A. page: hairstyles.

Medieval & Ancient Names

Personal Grooming in the Viking Age

Online Medieval and Classical Library.

Medieval Medicine (also mentions women doctors).


Medieval Technology Pages

Spectacles HA! I think Garth just regained his spectacles! *laugh*

The Armour Archives. It doesn't say anything about military ranking on the frontispiece but I might find something in their archives (in addition to the armour).

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