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Plot Writing Month.


Come on, you know you want ti..... ;)

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When you want to refine your engine search, Explorsion may be useful. Ed from OneHundredFreeBooks ran across it.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Readership Special

Just an added link. They say you should read a lot, if you plan to write, so here's a link for One Hundred Free Books. Kindle format. If you have a computer, but no Kindle, or an Android, there are apps for that. I have one on my computer, from before I had a Kindle Fire.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just A Note, People.


I have had on-the-surface, "helpful" spam posted to my blog today, which goes, "hey, i see u dont have many comments, so why dont u go 2 (insert random site here) 2  get mor hits".

See, that's why I moderate all comments. I prefer quality over quantity. I will accept some random comments, if they are not spammy, and if they can be informative. Links on this blog to sites that sell  various handbags, erection sets, and the like...are not writing links, so  they will not be approved.

I have several blogs on Blogger. I believe I have a post on one of them, which specifically invites spam, and which has never, ever, received a bit of it. Granted, I set that one up as a jest, but it underscores the problem of spam comments. M definition of spam is that which does not belong on a specific post, such as, say, posting a link to a site that sells handbags (which is not writing related), as opposed to one selling books (which would be writing related, from a certain point of view, as writing is required to achieve the end product).

Gaming links, such as World of Warcraft, I may consider, if only because of the extensive world-building and lore that has gone into their world's development. If I ever get any posts like that, they should at least include some reference to The world-building, or something that would be of interest to writers.. D&D-related world-building is also relevant, as that also requires character- and world-building.

Handbags are unacceptable. Historical bags... perhaps. The evolution and history of handbags may be a topic of interest. Not a vendor link, but genuine information about the idea behind the modern bag.

It is not that I am disinterested in comments or blog traffic. Rather, what I am interested in, are comments and traffic of a thoughtful, informative nature. I am not trying to sell anything to anyone. I started LinksAPlenty as a place to store bookmarks I wanted to hang on to, for various reasons, because I have had a few too many computers crash on me, and no backups of links, nor data, on which to fall back. I'm glad when people share theirs with me as well, and any suggestions they may have on the way I organize my links.

And today's LinksAPlenty is a vast improvement over the original post, which had every single link on one post. Separating them, at least to an extent, via alphabetical attempts, was the best move I ever made. It's helped me find links more quickly, as well as post them to a particular section.

Every once in a while, I go through the posts and make sure the links are still viable, too. Sure, I don't have to; but I'd still like to be able to find given links quickly.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

For Mine Own Reference. :3 Doctor The Third

Ooh, the grammarians will have a field day wit that blog post title: but I'm in a silly mood.

The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee

And the obligatory Wikipedia entry on Jon Pertwee.

And on Springfield Punx.

You never forget your first, and Jon Pertwee was mine.

Doctor, that is.

In a very real sense, I came in, right in the middle, with no clue as to regenerations, or anything. I rather liked following the dapper Doctor on his adventures.

When they started showing Doctor Who on WWOR -9 in the New York area, after being sans-Doctor for a couple of years between Massachusetts (where I had first seen Doctor Who) and Long Island, I missed the beginning of Robot, and the regeneration there, so I'm looking at Tom Baker, and asking, "Who's this guy?"  BD

I got used to the scarf, eventually, and I'm still miffed that I can't find jelly babies, anywhere. The closest I can come to them is gummy bears (and, more recently, gummy worms). Still...

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Blogs...A (Writing) Work In Progress

Buried Under Books / Mythbusting (busting the common misconceptions/adages about writing).

Bit and Bytes: Romance...The Writer's Way

Castles and Guns
Guest Post by Floyd Hyatt – Online Critique Group Part 1

Erasing Women on Martha Wells's LiveJournal blog.
"The reason I worry about women writers being forgotten (erased) from history, is because one of the times that it happened wasn't all that long ago."

Left-brained Busines For Write-Brained People

How Paperbacks Transformed the Way Americans Read  at

Striking a Pose (Women and Fantasy Covers) The Blog of Jim Hines.

"Now I could talk about the way women are posed
in cover art … or I could show you.
I opted for the latter, in part because it helped
me to understand it better."

Writers and Writing

Written in Stone


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Writers Sites: A-B-C

25 Things to Know About Your Story's Stakes (Wendig, Chuck)

Accents and Diacritical Marks: accents, diacritical marks - non-standard characters signs that change the sound of letters and words. Lists 20 different book sites at ascending prices (commercial, but useful--my brother-in-law gave this link to me when he'd heard I was buying the Oz books from
An Englishman in New Jersey (Jon Gibb's LiveJournal blog) Interesting Posts About Writing.

AutoCrit (posted by Jeremy Yoder to the OWW list).
Advice for Aspiring Writers (from the site Science Fiction World of Jeffrey A. Carter)
Great Science Fiction Creators Who Have Studied Architecture  By Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders

Late Bloomers (Peripherally related to us slow starters)
How Does The 'Layering' of Old Cities Occur?
Science Fiction Problems: How To Write Aliens

Kiss Your As Goodbye
By Margie Lawson, guesting at Writers in the Storm.

Author's Blogs & Websites
Piers Anthony
Star* Publish Times
Ann Cory's Aphrodisiacs for the Mind
Annalee Blysse.
Adult-oriented literature, but also, her website references some writer's groups of interest (and thank you for the kind words. I do try to maintain some helpful and interesting links here).

Elizabeth Anne Ensley They did something weird to this site.....

Derek Handley Creative Writing
David Rosenberg
Feath's Tarot Quick Question. Writer's thing.
Feath's Clam Dragon Page - page concerning her book,  Care and Feeding of Your New Pet:  Clam Dragon
Harlan Ellison's web site (And
Harlan, if you're reading this--you were nice to my daughter at that I-Con that her father and I were volunteering at (we're since divorced) and she was already going through enough shit at home then. I was already a fan before seeing you there, and I'm still one, even after talking with you (but then, I don't think I ever did anything to get a dose of the Ellison temper, lol). You and your wife, IMO, are both lovely people, you were both so nice to her. Thank you.

(Hey, it's my blog. I can insert messages here and there, as well as links.)

Heather Long - and yea, I know, romance author, but she writes paranormals. I took an on-line class with her, and she has some rather interesting ideas.

(Malinda Lo)
Jim C, Hines, Fantasy Author
Jon Gibbs
Ilona's World
Lara Parker Online

Kate Pearce's Blog

Michelle Styles Blog.
Paperback Writer. Novel III: Outlining.
Piers Anthony's website.
Ron Leming's Website
The Writing Life.
Terry Whalin's blog, and it has some good advice and insight into the writer's life.
Martha Wells, with World-building Tips

Basic Plots in Literature

Bite (Vampire magazine)
Basic Plots: Recurring Themes (Booker, Christopher) BBC Oxford Stage
Brain Candy

BIAW (Book In A Week)

April Kilstrom BIAW
April Kilstrom Workshops page (SFF.NET)

Blank Novel Outline

The Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers (PDF)

BookMooch: a community for exchanging used books (book swap and book exchange and book trade)

Book Review
Writing with Writers: Write a Book Review with Rodman Philbrick.

Book Writing

Kathy Carmichael's Pitch Generator
Crafting the Braided Narrative by David PoyerFAQ #1a: How do I get started writing my first book? Here's Nan's Top Secret Extra Special Sooper Dooper Philosophy on How to Write A Book!
Freelance Writing Tips by David L. Pulver
How To Write A Novel In 100 Days Or Less
Interview with Charles de Lint (1998)

Peg Kerr's Journal

The Snowflake Method for Writing a Novel ~ Randy Ingermanson


Coffeehouse for Writers

Celtic Literature
The Celtic Literature Collective

Celtic literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Celtic Folklore

CELT: The online resource for Irish history, literature and politics

Intute: Arts and Humanities - Search results

§17. Celtic Literature. XII. The Arthurian Legend. Vol. 1. From the Beginnings to the Cycles of Romance. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes. 1907–21

newton03.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Celtic Resources

Medieval Sourcebook: The Celtic World

Free Books > Literature & Fiction > World Literature > Mythology > Celtic & British Isles

Celtic Literature by Matthew Arnold - Free eBook

Celtic Literature by Matthew Arnold - Free eBook

Guinevere in Celtic Literature

Celtic Literature by Matthew Arnold - Full Text Free Book (Part 1/3)

Celtic Literature: TABLE OF CONTENTS


About Female Characters (or as I like to call them, Characters) by Adrienne Kress
Character Building Workshop at WritersUniversity.comCharacter Generator (description) at
Possible Considerations in the Study of Character
Establishing a Series Character (Buried under Books Blog) by Marni Graff
Fresh, Fresh Fresh Character descriptions (Writers In The Storm blog)
How To Create A Character Profile by The Lazy Scholar [TM].
Left, Right, Left, Right, Character (Keegan, Alex)
Building Character: Seven Keys to Defining Character
Questionnaires for Writing Character Profiles at Creative Writing Now
The Fictional Character's Survival Guide
Writing A Novel, Part 8: Using A Character Sheet

The CBI Clubhouse The online home for Children's Book Insider readers

Common Errors in English.

Clarion The Clarion Foundation

The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clichés © 2004 by John VanSickle




To the anonymous commenter who wanted to know where to find a new Captcha, I recommend Google. I monitor all comments here, because I've had too much spam on irrelevant and off-topic subjects, and this is a blog for fiction writing related links.




Dark Erotica
Dark Shadows News Page
Describing a Person: Adding Details.
Dark Erotica writing tips.
Day 3 of Complexity – Degree of Difficulty
Dramatic Situations,The Thirty-six (plus one)


Space Opera on Wikipedia.


Top 8 Tips for Writing Dialogue


Medieval Dice Games and Rigging Them (little_details on LiveJournal)


Dream Dictionary.
Online Etymology Dictionary. dictionary search
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus.
English-French Dictionary
English-Latin On-line Dictionary
Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary
Oxford Dictionary Online
ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
travlang's English - Latin On-line Dictionary.
Urban Dictionary
Words For That

Evil Overlord List, the


On Editing: How To Make Your Inner Editor Die (temporarily)
The Shocking Truth About The Slushpile by Jean Hannah Edelstein


The Encyclopedia of Science.
Encyclopedia Mythica.
Masterliness The World Knowledge Library.

Essay Writing

Guide to Writing a Basic Essay.


Fanciful Feline Hybrids
Farmer's Almanac Online.
FAQs, Help, and Tutorials.
Forward Motion for Writers
Free language courses.
Full Moon Names and Their Meanings (from Farmers Almanac Online)

Fairy Tales

Alphabetical Index to the folk and fairy tales in the Andrew Lang Fairy Books

Fan Fiction

Biggest Fanfiction Pet Peeves. Note: This is in a GaiaOnline forum. You might or might not need to register; but the topic is well worth reading, at least for the first message.

Fantasy Novelist's Exam, the By David J. Parker. Additional Material By Samuel Stoddard.
Non-European Fantasy By Women Writers on The Mad Hatter's Bookshelf and Book Review

Flash Fiction

Flashes on the Meridian: Dazzled by Flash Fiction (Pamelyn Casto)
Stories In Your Pocket: How To Write Flash Fiction
Writing Flash Fiction Using Bubble Diagrams


Open Directory - Arts: Writers Resources.
Google Search.




LinkEveryone Can Promote Equality In Genre Writing


Ask A Mathematician / Ask A Physicist
The Hidden Meaning of Pronouns
SLOWPOKE: How To Be A Faster Writer

Generator Blog, the.


Elements of the Gothic Novel
Gothic Fiction (on Wikipedia)
The Gothic Novel
The Gothic Experience (a brief historical overview)
The Gothic Novel (overview, PDF. 10 pages, like those squares you would project on a flash screen, or whatever you call it)
GothNoWriMo Gothic Novel Writing Month site (apparently) I am noth sure which month it's for but, from the pposts in the word count column, I strongly suspect that it's October, the month leading up to Halloween.


Daily Grammar
Dr Grammar
English Grammar book -
The Good Grammar, Good Style Pages
GRAMBO. This is a test of the emergency grammar system.
Grammar Bytes! (I love the graphic on this page -- Grammarzilla LOL)
Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.

Grammatical Terms and Definitions.
Guide to Grammar and Writing
The Internet Grammar of English
The Tongue Untied A Guide to grammar, Punctuation & Style for Journalists.
Grammar Grabbers Professional Tips for the Amateur Writer (a not-so-serious guide to English grammar)
Hypertextbook of Modern English Grammar.
Dr. Grammar.
*_ Word Place, Inc.


Hatrack River Writers Workshop Forum, moderated by Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury.
Horror Writer's Association
R.A. Salvatore on How to Write a Damn Good Fight Scene

Inspired Writers
Internet Writing Journal, the
Internet Writing Workshop
Interviews with YA Fantasy Authors
Introduction to Genealogy.
Inspiration, Writing

Anthologies Online: Generating Innovative Ideas for Writing.
Inspiration for Writers




MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials

Making Light: How To Get Published Posted by Jim Macdonald

Medieval Demographics Made Easy Numbers for Fantasy Worlds

Middle Ages

What did people do in a medieval city?

Misconceptions about Medieval Medicine: Humors, Leeches, Charms, and Prayers By Michael Livingston

Foundation for Mythological Studies
Life In The Middle Ages Researched by Mrs. Sunda's 4th & 5th grade G.R. Students


BLACK GATE: Adventure sin Fantasy Literature


 WHY Does Magic Have To Make Sense? M. K. Jemisin

Organized Writer's Guideline Database
Absolute Write's Market Archives
Writer's Weekly list of links to markets #1
Funds for Writers - Jobs and Markets (newsletter available, also click on grants and contests)
Paying Markets List
Freelance Job Bank on Freelance
Writer's Write Writer's Guideline Directory
Writer's Digest - Market of the Day
Writer's (subscription only)
The Writer Gazette #1
The Writer Gazette #2

Maslow's Hierarchy
Educational Psychology Interactive
Personality Theories
Using Psychology to Create Characters
Mel Speaks: Thoughts on Characterization


The Physics of Fan-Fic Sex (slash)

NNational Novel Finishing Month
NaNoFiMo Resources page
National Novel Writing Month
NaNoPlotMo International Plot Writing Month, December 1-31.

National Novel Writing Year (associated with NaNoWRiMo).
National Novel Editing Month
April Fools. Like NaNoWriMo, only you set your own writing goals for the month of April.
May D&G Challenge (new version) - for those who did not finish their bit for the April Fools writing challenge.
Notecarding: Plotting Under Pressure by Lisle, Holly
Novel Writing Year 2005 Blogspot.
Novel Writing Year 2005 Yahoo groups
Novel Writing Year 2005 LiveJournal
Novel Writing Year 2005 MSN community
On MSN it's called 1k words per week or something, NaNoWriYe 05 in a place or two -- but the basic goal is to write a novel in a year, or around 50-52k worth of a novel.
Noveling Notes: Detailed Chapter-by-Chapter Writing Outline

Zette's NaNo

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth


Stringing Words: For The Unrepentant WriMo.

Name Generators
Alien Names Generator
All the Name Generators.
Behind the Name Random Name Generator: the etymology and history of first names.
DadCafe's Baby Name Generator.
Fake Name Generator (courtesy of Ron Leming, who found it)
Flower Names For Girls
Random Name Generator )
Random name generator (
Seventh Sanctum Name Generators
Random Tavern Name Generator fantasy name generator.
Totro, the Fantasy Random Name Generator.
Character Name Generator By Steven Edward Schend.
Baby Name Inventor.
Random Irish Name Generator.
Historical Name Generator: Sixteenth Century Irish and Scottish Gaelic Names. name generator.
RinkWorks Fantasy Name generator. By Samuel Stoddard - Version 1.4.
Warhammer FRP Daemon Name generator.
Peter's Random Name Generator.
Baby Name generator - girls. (From
Baby Name generator - boys. (From
Name generator.
Horse Name generator - horse & pony names

Dictionary of Baby Names, Meanings, and Origins.
Native American Baby Names.
Bad Baby Names Hall of Shame, the (on Blogger)

7 Tips For Writing A Novel on eSsortment.
Learn The Elements of a Novel.


One Hundred Thousand Stars (basically, a Google map of the Cosmos, san directions on how to get there).
Overcoming Writer's Block

How To Make A Novel Outline
Easy Novel Outline – Free Writing Lessons and Worksheets
How To Organize Thoughts With A Book Outline
Outlining Your Novel: Why And How

The Serendip.
The Monthly Writing Challenge.
The Zoo.
The OWW Ark.
Online Writing workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.
Serendipity Village.



Khan Academy Although on the surface, this is techincally not a writing link, it is an informative one, and may be useful to writers.

LLanguage Construction Kit, the
LJ Book. PDF of your lj available.

FTL Design

Literary Periodicals

Courtesy of Thomas Fortenberry:
Mind Fire international literary arts journal
Istanbul Literature Review



Patterns in Mathematics: Limericks Factory.
PBW's Ten
Place Name Generators on PBW's Blog.
Philosophy Forum: Founding a new civilization.
Piker PressNaNoWRiMo Forums.
Poets & Writers, Inc.
Preditors & Editors
Principia Infecta World Building.
Process Again: Getting Started And Keeping Going
Prompts Collection from

Notes on Craft

Outline Your Novel in Thirty Minutes.
PLOT—Part Two: Navigating Dangerous Terrain by Lori L. Lake (Aristotle’s Story Arc)
Plot Doagram PDF
Plot Workshop.
Plotting the Mystery Novel

What techniques are used to plot long (multi-novel) story arcs?

The Significance of Plot Without Conflict from Still Eating Oranges on Tumblr

Language is a Virus


The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology - includes a body language crib sheet. Worth exploring.


Guide to Punctuation

Larry Trask
University of Sussex
(to aid in the preservation of the English language)


Writers and their Literary Estates: Story REPRINTS


little_details, a LiveJournal community dedicated to helping people research those little details for their stories.

(pending verification):
Online Creative Writing Courses Offered Free by Top Universities and Educational Websites It seems promising enough. A list of free, creative writing courses.


20 Tips on Revising



Random Science Fiction Story Ideas: Random Character Generator
Science Fiction & Fantasy Workshop.
Science Fiction Citations: Hunting for the earliest citations of SF words.
ScytheConnection  A Website committed to promoting the use of the scythe.
Internet SACRED TEXT archives.
Semicolon: "How To Use A Semicolon (The Most Feared Punctuation On Earth)"
Seventh Sanctum Setting Generator
SFWW: Science Fiction Writers Workshop Since 1988. No matter how many times I edit the link, it keep taking me to the wrong page: but snip the extra bit from "" and that takes you to the sign-in page..
Shoes and Handbags Online Spell Checker.
Spellchecker, Mark Horrell's
Spellex Corp Spell Check Basic English Text Here (also gives basic word count)
Strange Horizons: Stories We've Seen Too Often.

Scene Structure
Notecarding: Plotting Under Pressure
© 2002, by Holly Lisle

Scene-Creation Workshop -- Writing Scenes that Move Your Story Forward © by Holly Lisle

Writing the Perfect Scene by Randy Ingermanson

Yet more Writer's Tips by Rosalyn Alsobrook

TECH: Scene and Structure Book Summary From: Mike Barker

More plotting (Scene and Sequel) by Shawn

"Introduction to Screenwriting" Week Two: Steven Barnes' Free Writing Class!

Sound Effects

Science Fiction Writing Month

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare


FocusWriter A simple, distraction-free writing environment.

Star Trek


On Wikipedia
What is steampunk?
Clockwork Empire: A Steampunk Take on SimCity
The Steampunk Workshop
Steampunk Magazine
Steampunk World's Fair

Storyboarding (Crawford Kilian).

Stories We've Seen Too Often (Strange Horizons)

A simple four-item formula for turning story into fiction

Story Middle
Stuck in the Middle of Your Story? Try Prompts!
by Alina Sandor

Archetype storytelling cards

Buried Under Books: An Author’s Look At “Style” For Writers And Readers (Kit Sloane)


Hugh Cook's Notes II.

Writing the Dreaded Synopsis by Carolyn Jewel

A Writer's Main Selling Tool - The Synopsis By Marcella Kampman © 2003

Warning: The above uses the movie rather than the book The Wizard of Oz for sample synopsis. You can tell by the descriptions of both Dorothy and the slippers, assuming that you've read the book.

Basic synopsis, according to Vivian Teresa Beck of the Vivian Beck Agency:

Step 1: Start With A Hook.
Step 2: Introduction of Characters.
Step 3: Construct the Body of Your Synopsis.
Step 4: Use Three or Four Paragraphs to Write the CRISIS and RESOLUTION of Your Story.
Step 5: Revise your synopsis.

Five Steps To Writing A Synopsis by Vivian Teresa Beck
The five basic building blocks to writing a synopsis.

Mastering the Dreaded Synopsis - Condensing Your Novel by Lee Masterson
Writing a synopsis is one of the most daunting chores a writer must face. After spending months lovingly crafting a complex plot, realizing and nurturing a cast of characters and painstakingly selecting the right prose for descriptions, how do you then summarize your masterpiece in just 2 or 3 pages?

Outlining Your Script or Story by Thomas B. Sawyer
A synopsis is generally defined as a one-to-four page narrative description of what happens in your story, told with some sizzle, since it will likely be used as a selling tool –- to entice an agent, publisher or producer to take a look at your manuscript.

A Writer's Main Selling Tool - The Synopsis By Marcella Kampman © 2003

Outlines and Synopses by Robert J. Sawyer
Actual synopses for four of Sawyer's novels (and outlines for several more).

Writing a Synopsis from the Ground Up" by Dee-Ann Latona LeBlanc
Breaking it down: one sentence, one paragraph, on page, and longer synopses.

"How to Write a Synopsis" by Marg Gilks

Syntax and Ambiguity
Identifying and Resolving Ambiguity
The Major Principles of Syntax




Takei, George. Author of "Oh, Myyy (There Goes The Internet)". Goodreads reviews listing here.

Tara K. Harper Science Fiction/Fantasy Author

Tips for Fiction Writers: Structure.

TypeCharge Word, Line and Character Counter

Title Scorer. Lulu Title Scorer--Put Your Title to the Test.

The Erotic Thesaurus

Tradukilo (an online Esperanto translator)


Reserved for U.

Vision: A Resource for Writers.
Visualizing Science