Monday, August 08, 2005

Random Articles

The Gnu Operating System.
Science Fiction Research Association
Richard Stallman's personal page.
U.S.S. Clueless Archive

Flash Fiction
Writing Flash Fiction Using Bubble Diagrams

Some Science
Article: Rainbows on Titan.
Global Disaster Watch page.
Asteroid Strike.

The Dionaea House: Updates
Random anti-President Bush site that folks keep telling me to check out but I never do.
An Interview With Pat Devin (Consultant for "The Craft")
Useful Phrase list

Thyme Machine.
MERMAIDS Fact or Fiction? (Part 1) by Peter Vine
Killer Tomatoes website (official)
Treacle Mining


At 11:31 PM, Anonymous submit articles said...

Hello Liz, I find it very refreshing to occasionally find a comment such as yours with a different topic completely to what I was looking for. It often ads to ones list of lifes experiences.

I tend to have a soft spot for blogs related to article authors and /or sites that have a central theme around article authors type items.

Once again, thank you, hope you don't mind if I visit again sometime :-)


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