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Werewolf Cures.
Werewolf Cures (Little_Details on LiveJournal--good info, here!), women's book coach Katey Coffing Ph.D.


* Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions By Patricia C. Wrede

Welcome To My World: Worldbuilding Checklist By Heather Massey

The World Building Checklist Posted by Talia Vance

Organic Worldbuilding by Robert A. Sloan

25 Things You Should Know About Worldbuilding by Chuck Wendig

A world-building checklist Written by Suzan

World Check Paperback Writer blog.

More does turn up on a Google search. Some excellent suggestions offered. I only skimmed the top.

Write or Die
Dr Wicke's Writing Labs (Got the link from the blog of Martha Wells).

Writer Beware Blogs
The Ten Kinds of Writers' Block And How To Overcome Them

Writers Chatroom—good resource.

The Writer's Almanac from American Public Media

Writer's Workshops (Update: 01-16-2007)
Forward Motion for Writers
Critique Circle
Critters Critique Group, founded by ABurt.

So You Want To Write A Book? Page of pointers from O'Reilly which lists some excellent points to remember.
The Write Calling
Ten common writing mistakes your spell checker won't find.
Write A Novel In A Month - Wired How-To Wiki
Writerly Stuff
Writing Fiction (blog for the editor of The Fiction Writer's Page, above).
Writing Flash Fiction Using Bubble Diagrams
Writing from the Editor's Perspective: Diana Gill Conference.
Writing Fix
Writing Prompts and Useful Sites
Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. online workshop thing.
"Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy" by Jeffrey A. Carver (free, on-line course, apparently)
Writing Tips. advice index.
This is a noncommercial Web site for writers. It's sponsored, edited, and written by Durant Imboden.
Written? Kitten! Site where, for every hundred words, you get rewarded with a picture of a kitten.

Word Frequency
Free Trial Download: Hermetic Word Frequency Counter 2.07

Developing the Fictional World Through mapping
Constructed World
30 Days of World Building
Peter's Guide to Map Creation
Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor
Writing Fantasy-A Creative Approach to World Building
Words, Works, Worlds
Three Rules of Fantasy Worldbuilding
World-Building Workshop ~ Naming Your World and Choosing a Hierarchy
World Building Project

Find A Writing Group Site founded by Jon Gibbs.

Writing Prompts
A Writer's Jottings: Writing Prompts Collection - Part 1
Cybernetic Engines Writing Prompt Generator.
Creative Writing Prompts
Feath's Bookcase: Writer's Prompts.
Narrative Essay Prompts
Random Compliment Generator.
Seventh Sanctum Generators.
Shakespearean Insult Generator
Shakespearean Insulter
Story Spinner Online
Surrealist Compliment Generator.
The Writing Spark
Wake Up Writing
WritersPrompts Daily Prompt Generator.

Xenobiology: How To Create A Scientifically Plausible Alien Life Form



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