Saturday, November 04, 2006

Paganism, general and Divination, general

This site includes I Ching, stichomancy, Numerology, Coin Flip, Yes or No, Personal, Biorhythms, Bibliomancy, Runes, and Stichomancy.
Also Bibliomancy. Definition on Occultopedia.
Stichomancy site.

Book of Shadows, the.
Collection of Pagan Perspectives, a.
Full Circle Events Newsletters.
Your Guide to the Gods
Pagans come out of the broom closet
Remember, not all that is Pagan is Wiccan.
Witch's Almanac, the

Divinity Dice
Dice Divination
Dice Divination
[PDF] Two Dice Divination
dice-play: How to do... Fortune Telling - Advanced
dice-play: How to do... Fortune Telling - Basic
Google Search: allintitle: dice fortune OR divination

Tarot and Fortune Telling
Introduction to Tarot Meanings.
New Moon Trading Co.
Tarot by Arwen
Tarot Passages
Querent Asks About Online Tarot Class.
Stephanie Lynch, a/k/a Arwen, the lecturer for the Tarot for Writers workshop that Earthly Charms hosted, asks questions about what others in one Tarot community on lj think should be taught and how long it would take to teach a Tarot workshop. Some interesting answers to the survey here.
Tarot for Writers
home, Aeclectic Tarot.
Major Arcana
Guide @ Tarot Moon.
Characterization Spread (Tarot for Writers)
Tarot for Writers workshop.
Cosmic Compass
Tarot Writing Story.
Daily Card.
Tarot Lessons
Tarot Reading
Tarot Meanings.
A glossary for each card. YAAY! I finally found a site!
Tarot Card Meanings.
Tarot Musings

Symbols and Images
~ Symbols & Their Meaning (online guide).

Time Cube

Write Your Name in Runes.


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