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MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials

Making Light: How To Get Published Posted by Jim Macdonald

Medieval Demographics Made Easy Numbers for Fantasy Worlds

Middle Ages

What did people do in a medieval city?

Misconceptions about Medieval Medicine: Humors, Leeches, Charms, and Prayers By Michael Livingston

Foundation for Mythological Studies
Life In The Middle Ages Researched by Mrs. Sunda's 4th & 5th grade G.R. Students


BLACK GATE: Adventure sin Fantasy Literature


 WHY Does Magic Have To Make Sense? M. K. Jemisin

Organized Writer's Guideline Database
Absolute Write's Market Archives
Writer's Weekly list of links to markets #1
Funds for Writers - Jobs and Markets (newsletter available, also click on grants and contests)
Paying Markets List
Freelance Job Bank on Freelance
Writer's Write Writer's Guideline Directory
Writer's Digest - Market of the Day
Writer's (subscription only)
The Writer Gazette #1
The Writer Gazette #2

Maslow's Hierarchy
Educational Psychology Interactive
Personality Theories
Using Psychology to Create Characters
Mel Speaks: Thoughts on Characterization


The Physics of Fan-Fic Sex (slash)

NNational Novel Finishing Month
NaNoFiMo Resources page
National Novel Writing Month
NaNoPlotMo International Plot Writing Month, December 1-31.

National Novel Writing Year (associated with NaNoWRiMo).
National Novel Editing Month
April Fools. Like NaNoWriMo, only you set your own writing goals for the month of April.
May D&G Challenge (new version) - for those who did not finish their bit for the April Fools writing challenge.
Notecarding: Plotting Under Pressure by Lisle, Holly
Novel Writing Year 2005 Blogspot.
Novel Writing Year 2005 Yahoo groups
Novel Writing Year 2005 LiveJournal
Novel Writing Year 2005 MSN community
On MSN it's called 1k words per week or something, NaNoWriYe 05 in a place or two -- but the basic goal is to write a novel in a year, or around 50-52k worth of a novel.
Noveling Notes: Detailed Chapter-by-Chapter Writing Outline

Zette's NaNo

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth


Stringing Words: For The Unrepentant WriMo.

Name Generators
Alien Names Generator
All the Name Generators.
Behind the Name Random Name Generator: the etymology and history of first names.
DadCafe's Baby Name Generator.
Fake Name Generator (courtesy of Ron Leming, who found it)
Flower Names For Girls
Random Name Generator )
Random name generator (
Seventh Sanctum Name Generators
Random Tavern Name Generator fantasy name generator.
Totro, the Fantasy Random Name Generator.
Character Name Generator By Steven Edward Schend.
Baby Name Inventor.
Random Irish Name Generator.
Historical Name Generator: Sixteenth Century Irish and Scottish Gaelic Names. name generator.
RinkWorks Fantasy Name generator. By Samuel Stoddard - Version 1.4.
Warhammer FRP Daemon Name generator.
Peter's Random Name Generator.
Baby Name generator - girls. (From
Baby Name generator - boys. (From
Name generator.
Horse Name generator - horse & pony names

Dictionary of Baby Names, Meanings, and Origins.
Native American Baby Names.
Bad Baby Names Hall of Shame, the (on Blogger)

7 Tips For Writing A Novel on eSsortment.
Learn The Elements of a Novel.


One Hundred Thousand Stars (basically, a Google map of the Cosmos, san directions on how to get there).
Overcoming Writer's Block

How To Make A Novel Outline
Easy Novel Outline – Free Writing Lessons and Worksheets
How To Organize Thoughts With A Book Outline
Outlining Your Novel: Why And How

The Serendip.
The Monthly Writing Challenge.
The Zoo.
The OWW Ark.
Online Writing workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.
Serendipity Village.



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