Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Editing Advice

Surprisingly enough, I found this--Editing Fiction. This appears to be Crawford Killian's blog. It seems both informative and useful, with some editing tips and tricks that should prove useful to anyone. The first suggestion to the list surprised me: but then, I've seen the same used, to good effect, in the glossaries that appear towards the back of books like A Clockwork Orange:

1. Compile some kind of "bible" that establishes spelling (especially of names), usage style, physical descriptions and so on..

That's something I do at home, as a matter of course, although I have not submitted anything requiring it, yet. I have only done it for my science fiction pieces, thus far, but it seems as though it would also be useful for genres like fantasy and horror, or even mainstream novels.

The site is worth a bookmark, especially with an eye towards editing your finished work.

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