Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just A Note, People.


I have had on-the-surface, "helpful" spam posted to my blog today, which goes, "hey, i see u dont have many comments, so why dont u go 2 (insert random site here) 2  get mor hits".

See, that's why I moderate all comments. I prefer quality over quantity. I will accept some random comments, if they are not spammy, and if they can be informative. Links on this blog to sites that sell  various handbags, erection sets, and the like...are not writing links, so  they will not be approved.

I have several blogs on Blogger. I believe I have a post on one of them, which specifically invites spam, and which has never, ever, received a bit of it. Granted, I set that one up as a jest, but it underscores the problem of spam comments. M definition of spam is that which does not belong on a specific post, such as, say, posting a link to a site that sells handbags (which is not writing related), as opposed to one selling books (which would be writing related, from a certain point of view, as writing is required to achieve the end product).

Gaming links, such as World of Warcraft, I may consider, if only because of the extensive world-building and lore that has gone into their world's development. If I ever get any posts like that, they should at least include some reference to The world-building, or something that would be of interest to writers.. D&D-related world-building is also relevant, as that also requires character- and world-building.

Handbags are unacceptable. Historical bags... perhaps. The evolution and history of handbags may be a topic of interest. Not a vendor link, but genuine information about the idea behind the modern bag.

It is not that I am disinterested in comments or blog traffic. Rather, what I am interested in, are comments and traffic of a thoughtful, informative nature. I am not trying to sell anything to anyone. I started LinksAPlenty as a place to store bookmarks I wanted to hang on to, for various reasons, because I have had a few too many computers crash on me, and no backups of links, nor data, on which to fall back. I'm glad when people share theirs with me as well, and any suggestions they may have on the way I organize my links.

And today's LinksAPlenty is a vast improvement over the original post, which had every single link on one post. Separating them, at least to an extent, via alphabetical attempts, was the best move I ever made. It's helped me find links more quickly, as well as post them to a particular section.

Every once in a while, I go through the posts and make sure the links are still viable, too. Sure, I don't have to; but I'd still like to be able to find given links quickly.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

For Mine Own Reference. :3 Doctor The Third

Ooh, the grammarians will have a field day wit that blog post title: but I'm in a silly mood.

The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee

And the obligatory Wikipedia entry on Jon Pertwee.

And on Springfield Punx.

You never forget your first, and Jon Pertwee was mine.

Doctor, that is.

In a very real sense, I came in, right in the middle, with no clue as to regenerations, or anything. I rather liked following the dapper Doctor on his adventures.

When they started showing Doctor Who on WWOR -9 in the New York area, after being sans-Doctor for a couple of years between Massachusetts (where I had first seen Doctor Who) and Long Island, I missed the beginning of Robot, and the regeneration there, so I'm looking at Tom Baker, and asking, "Who's this guy?"  BD

I got used to the scarf, eventually, and I'm still miffed that I can't find jelly babies, anywhere. The closest I can come to them is gummy bears (and, more recently, gummy worms). Still...