Sunday, February 13, 2005

[Monsters] Argus and Ogres


          Argus Filch: Late Bloomer?
Greek Mythology.
Mythography II.
          Argus by Jennifer Middlesworth.
          Here's what has to say.
Rare Names from Mythology.
          Mythical Creatures and Monsters.
Grendel from Beowulf.

Argus the "all-seeing".
          Follow the Butterflies...


Fact Monster
          The Horrible Ogre of Maromero
          Myths and Legends of the Bantu: CHAPTER XIV: THE SWALLOWING MONSTER
          The Ogre (from The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang)
          Ancient Nations Soyok Wuhti / Ogre Woman
 --best definition of 'ogre' that I have yet seen on-line.
          Dream Dictionary Definition
          05 from AllWords.Com.