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Clarkesworld Books.

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MSN Groups.
Yahoo Groups.

Email Services

Yahoo mail.

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Dargonzine Celebrating over twenty years of publishing fantasy fiction on the Internet. Shared World.


Cherry Blossom Gardens . com.
The Rock Follies Website.

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Cat and Girl

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Horror/Dark Fantasy

Storytellers Unplugged

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DISCLAIMER: I posted the markets list listing for a reason. They are updated with more competence and frequency. *grin* Do not submit to any of these markets until you have checked with or are familiar with them.

Ezines market list.
Flash Fiction & Short-Short Markets.
10 Reasons.
Shadowed Realms

When a Little is a Lot: Flash Fiction and Short-Shorts
by Terry Burns

Dark Markets.
Paula Flemings's List.
Rutgers U.
Spicy green Iguana.
The Market List.
-Courtesy of James E. Gurley

Neo-Opsis Guidelines
Quintamid Markets DB
Ralan Markets DB
Raven Electric writer's guidelines.
~ # ~

Date: 19-Jan-2005 14:48:40 -0500
From: Margaret Fisk <margaretfisk@comcast.net>
To: <oww-sff-writing@yahoogroups.com>
Subject: RE: [OWW-SFF: Writing] Call for articles and reviews

          It's that time again, and I know you all have lots to offer writers of all stages, so how about writing an article or review for Vision. It pays, if not much, and the articles do get notice. I had one of mine listed as the Article of the Month in an RWA chapter newsletter, going back to the ways to get name recognition even before you've sold that book.
          Official spiel below:
          Vision: A Resource for Writers is an award-winning electronic magazine providing articles and reviews that target both new and experienced writers. We are looking for articles and reviews between 500 and 2000 (soft top) words. Vision pays $0.005 (one half cent) per word up to 2000 ($10 max).
          The March-April 2005 issue will be focused on Research and has a deadline of February 10th.
          I am specifically seeking book reviews regarding a writing- or research-related book that has assisted you and you think will help others. Articles on research techniques and personal experiences with researching a book or story are also wanted. Neither the reviews nor articles have to be about the issue topic as it composes only a portion of the ezine. Any submissions will be considered for future issues if they do not fit in the upcoming one.

          The reviews must be for websites, products or books that aid in the process of writing whether through providing world building information, writing techniques, marketing resources or other writing-oriented information. The review can focus on a single site, product or book, or provide a comparison of resources available around a specific topic. The back issues of Vision are available on line to see previous offerings.
          Query or submit articles to VisionATlazette.net and reviews to margaretfiskATcomcast.net.
          Full guidelines can be found here.
(AKA MarFisk)
Feature Editor for Vision: A Resource for Writers

Boulevard Magazine.

The site says that they pay $10-15 for how-to or informative articles of up to 500 words maximum. I recommend reading the guidelines if you consider this market. Non-fiction.

Gothic.net webzine.

├ćon Speculative Fiction.

Feral Ficion.

The Latest Dark Cabal

The Latest Dark Cabal

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The Vintage Library.

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Mary Sue

Mary Sue Litmus Test.

Making Light Namarie Sue.

The Mary-Sue Extrusion
(Book 79 in the Doctor Who : New Adventures series)


Creamed Chipped Beef
Crew's Mess: Submarine Chow.
Gail's Recipe Swap Links to four Creamed Chipped Beef recipes (archival site).
From the 1910 Manual for Army Cooks: Creamed Chipped Beef Yield: 60 men. ;-)
Best Creamed Chipped Beef In The World
Oriental Creamed Chipped Beef
Chef Jim Coleman Creamed Chipped Beef (easy one, two ingredients).

Irish Soda Bread

(Apparently, all recipes require buttermilk -- just FYI)

Irish Soda Bread Contributed by Jennie (buttermilk or plain yogurt).

Irish Coffee:
Here's a cuppa LOL.
Another one with a recipe for traditional brown bread.
Google search.
Irish coffee recipe Google search.

The True Origins of Irish Coffee.

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Workshops (Fee)

The Everything Guide to Writing A Novel workshop at the Coffeehouse for Writers. Cost: $80. Duration: 4 weeks.

Submissions Guidelines




Deep Sea Creatures - Found @ Seaside After Tsunami.

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Fundamentals of Magick

True Knowledge and Fluffy Garbage. Pagan's Grove group on MSN.
Daven's Journal - blog-type thing.
Spell A Day
The Mage
Hearts at Ease, a Witch's Cottage.
Lilith's Lantern Feri Magick site.

Thorncoyle Magick classes thing

What is a fluffy bunny, anyhow?

facade.com A divination site (free).

Suite101.com Article:
The role of the teacher in magic by Taylor Ellwood.

Pagan Path.
Goddess Flight.

House & Home.

On a related note *laugh*:

Everything you wanted to know about literary agents

Reaction to Above re: Lit. Agents


Working .html tutorial thing.

White Witch Lady's Domain Wiccan/Pagan Wallpapers.

Changing Picture (daily)

     Just having a bit of fun here, doing something I haven't enjoyed in many years: researching something. *grin*

RealMagick: The Occult Library.
Articles Archive Home Page
Below you will find an array of free articles, book excerpts, path-workings and rituals that you are welcome to print and keep for your own use. Most include recommended reading lists so that you may explore these subjects further!

The Fundamentals Of Magickal Practice
Class # 1: Fundamentals of Magick
The Ways of Magick
Some Questions About Magick
A Gathering of Paths
Articles on Magick
Free Magick Course
Magick Links Page
Magick Directory
More Links (includes a link or links to the Golden Dawn, which I did read up on years ago)
More magick links
Egyptian page, only some of which might be related to magick but it's still interesting.
Dino search engine for magick
World's Largest Your "askdir.com" Directory
More magick links.
Yet more links.
WAKKI links page.
FreeSeek links page.
Magick Linky Dinks.
More Linky Dinks
Gogog Directory
Der Keiler Directory.
Esoteric and Occult: Magick.
      There's more than enough for me to start rereading and catching up with this stuff. It's been a few years since I did any research into the Arts Arcane. ;-)

Tarot for Writers

Tarot for Writers By Rachel Pollack, Tarot Grand Master

Aeclectic Tarot

Why Wiccans Suck.
"You should know that the maker of the website is not anti-Pagan or even necessarily anti-Wiccan. She just seems to be tired of uneducated individuals who toss the term around loosely, without really understanding its meaning. That being said, I hope you can appreciate the site for what it's worth."

~ Quote from pancakeprincess on LJ, who posted the link to the LJ community Pagan.

Snape's "I'm Too Sexy" (PPP video) in a different format from the original, prolly cross-linked.

How To Detect Lies.

Birth Trees

Flower and Tree Magick

Sacred Trees

The Quibbler

Herbal Musings.

HERBOLOGY (from Avalon Mists:

     Class 1 classes : Week 1 Assign.# 1
          Class 1 classes : Week 1 Assign. # 2
               Homework bin: Lecture 1 Homework
AromaThyme club.

Witch's Rede

Witch's Rede
The Witch's Rede of Chivalry
The Witch's Law
Pagan Reference Page
New Year's resolutions for Witches